Incident Response

Incident response (IR) is the well-coordinated effort to rapidly respond to security incidents in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.


Incident Response Managment

In this service we offer 24×7 support from the best experts to manage any security incident in your company, some examples where this service might interest you:

Ramsonware Attacks, Denial of Service, Web Attacks … Faced with this situation, our team will offer you the necessary support so you can mitigate the problem as soon as possible and apply the necessary preventive rules to avoid repeating the problem .

incident response

We can help in

The incident response phases


The preparation phase is about ensuring you have the appropriate (response plans, policies, call trees and other documents in place and that you have identified the members of your incident response team including external entities.


In the identification phase you need to work out whether you are dealing with an event or an incident. This is where understanding your environment is critical as it means looking for significant deviations from "normal" traffic baselines or other methods.


Limit the damage caused to systems and prevent any further damage from occurring. This includes short and long term containment activities.


Find and eliminate the root cause (eliminate affected production systems)


When the systems affected during the incident have been cleaned and controlled, these equipment can be returned to production in a controlled.

Lessons Learned

These lessons will allow you to incorporate additional activities and knowledge back into your incident response process to produce better future outcomes and additional defenses.
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