Security Services


Security Services

Do you need help with the security of your project? In CTDSec we offer multiple security services with the objective of minimizing the risks of losing information, money or the entire service offered by your company.

We present the different services we offer to protect your service and information. If you have any doubt about any of them you can consult with us without obligation.

Incident Response Managment

In this service we offer 24×7 support from the best experts to manage any security incident in your company


The Pentest is a recurring process that any company should have. The reason is simple there are always changes in our applications or improvements to offer the best service to our investors or customers

Audit Code

The audit of code in the same way as the pentest seeks to detect vulnerabilities in the code of the applications, smarts contracts that can be exploited by the traders.

Security Blockchain

Having the security that your Blockchain is safe is something really important for your business and project since a security breach can suppose the loss of confidence of your investors.

Security Whitepaper

We review your security whitepaper
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