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Smart Contract Auditing

Smart contract security auditing involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of smart contracts within blockchain applications to identify and rectify design flaws, code errors, and vulnerabilities. With our extensive experience of over 8 years in blockchain, we will perform both automated and manual tests to ensure complete security coverage of your contract.

    Steps for smart contract audit:

  • Agreeing on a specification
  • Running Tests
  • Running automated symbolic execution tools
  • Manual analysis of the code
  • Creating a report

All contracts that are provided need to be "Code freeze", meaning that the code has been finalized. This is to avoid any aditional issue that can be caused by a change in the code.

Blockchain Development

Enhance your next application's foundation with CTDSEC, a highly-regarded blockchain services provider renowned for its extensive industry knowledge and commitment to constant progress. We offer comprehensive blockchain consulting services to transform your vision and ideas into practical use cases, while also recommending the best technology stack, team structure, and product design. Our dedicated team is fully devoted to comprehending your project's requirements, objectives, and desires, enabling us to create tailor-made blockchain solutions that will revolutionize the market. Join us from brainstorming to collaborative innovation and uncover the full potential of your application.

  • 01 Smart Contract Audit

    At CTDSEC, our expertise lies in conducting comprehensive audits of blockchain applications & smart contracts. We excel in identifying design flaws, code errors, and security vulnerabilities to ensure their rectification.

  • Discover a revolutionary realm of decentralized applications that operate on transparent and inclusive protocols. Introduce cutting-edge, customer-centric innovations on public blockchain networks. Minimize expenses, enhance customer data protection, and eradicate any vulnerabilities associated with centralized systems.

  • Launch a standalone cold wallet for cryptocurrencies or incorporate a secure multi-coin blockchain wallet into your existing product. CTDSEC UX/UI team will ensure its attractive front-end, while our blockchain development team will make it fully secure to use.

  • Public/private network creation-security, wallet creation, nfts, marketplaces, dex, crosschain products. We will help you stand at the vanguard of technology innovations with our development team.

  • The technological nature of blockchain as a shared ledger naturally facilitates the creation of P2P, B2B and B2C marketplaces. Explore the new reality of “shared economy” where every transaction is cryptographically protected, transparent, fraud-free and low-cost.


Blockchain Development Technologies

More Services

Penetration Testing

Detect vulnerabilities in your Web3 project by proactively subjecting your systems to a simulated cyberattack in a secure and controlled environment.

Web development

Create your frontend with us with the most innovative frameworks.

Cross Chain Apps

Create cross chain apps with our team (bridges, cross-dex, cross-governance).

Fund Raising

If you have a great project but you don't have funds to grow your product we will introduce you to investors/partners.

API Development

Your offchain data need to be shared with other platforms? We will help you to create an API to share your data in a secure way..


Do you need advisory regarding development, security, marketing or product growth? Our team will help you with it!

Incident Response

Someone is trying to hack you and you don't know what to do? We will help you to protect yourself and also manage the incident.


We can monitor your infrastructure and smart contracts to avoid and defense against cyberattacks.

  • About us

    As a leading blockchain company, our team draws upon over 8 years of invaluable industry experience. We specialize in cybersecurity and development, unrivaled expertise to help projects achieve rapid and secure growth. Our comprehensive services encompass auditing hundreds of smart contracts, which are readily available on our esteemed GitHub repository. With a strong network of partners, we have solidified our reputation as one of the most trusted companies within the blockchain space. us to propel your project to new heights, backed by our extensive knowledge and track record of success in the field.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


      CTDSEC is a platform that provides blockchain project owners with instant access to our expert smart contract auditors and developers, making it simple for them to verify the security and code integrity of their smart contracts and build their blockchain product.

    • To request an audit, simply use the Request an audit form by clicking the "request an audit" button. After filling out and submitting the needed information, your request is reviewed and approved and one of our experts will contact you on how to proceed.

    • The price of the audit depends on the complexity of your project and the audit provider, but it will be clearly defined in advance in the proposals you receive from the providers. You are free to select the auditors yourself from the received proposals and all payments and invoicing is done directly between you and the chosen provider(s).